5 Dos and Don'ts of Deck Cleaning

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5 Dos and Don'ts of Deck CleaningDecks are a valuable extension of your home’s living space. They provide the perfect combination of outdoor living with creature comforts. Whether you’re out on your deck grilling for the game, relaxing with a good book, or entertaining houseguests, you want your deck to remain an inviting place to be. Deck cleaning is key to maintaining a welcoming deck. Here are 5 dos and don’ts of deck cleaning:

  1. Do: Light cleaning routinely. A little sweeping and spraying off with the garden hose goes a long way in deck cleaning, so don’t write off these simple tasks. They’ll help your deck stay inviting whenever you want to step outside.
  2. Don’t: Ignore mold or mildew. Mold and mildew are common on decks and should always be treated. Both are harmful organisms that grow, so eradicating them is necessary to prevent damage to the wood.
  3. Do: Seal your deck regularly. Sealing a deck might be a tedious task, but it’s worth it to prolong the longevity of the wood. Deck sealant adds a water and UV-resistant layer to the wood, protecting it from the harsh elements.
  4. Don’t: Pressure wash. While pressure washing can clean decks, the damaging effects of the high-pressure water aren’t worth it.
  5. Do: Soft wash your deck. Soft washing is a smart alternative to pressure washing for deck cleaning. Soft washing uses a gentle but powerful cleaning solution to effectively clean your deck without damaging it. Soft washing also breaks down and eradicates mold, mildew, and algae while also preventing their regrowth. This leaves your deck cleaner four to six times longer than pressure washing.

If your deck could use a clean, give our team at Maverick SoftWash a call. We’ll show you the difference our soft wash technique makes on your deck, ensuring it remains an inviting outdoor living space all season long.