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Trust us to assess your home and determine if house pressure washing is a good option for cleaning it.

For a long time, many people thought that house pressure washing was the only option they had to get their home’s exterior clean. While pressure washing is a good option for some surfaces around your home, others require a gentler touch, which is why our team at Maverick SoftWash offers both house pressure washing and soft washing services. Our skilled team can assess your home and create a plan for cleaning it using the method that will be most effective for the various surfaces.

House Pressure Washing in St. Louis, Missouri

If you have durable surfaces like concrete, brick, or stone walkways, parking pads, or retaining walls, pressure washing is a great choice. The forceful pressure of the sprayer can remove common grime like dirt, bird droppings, mold, and moss, as well as eliminate or lighten tough stains from oil and grease. However, it’s no longer considered safe to perform house pressure washing on every exterior surface. Delicate materials like vinyl, wood, and shingles are more susceptible to damage, so they need something gentler than a pressure washer. We use soft washing for those types of surfaces, which is gentler but doesn’t skimp on cleaning power.

We understand that many people are hesitant about switching from house pressure washing to soft washing, which is why we’re so happy to share information about how effective soft washing is for delicate surfaces. For example, it’s particularly effective at removing microorganisms like mold, algae, and mildew, and it sanitizes the surface to help slow regrowth and leave the surface clean longer. If house pressure washing is the best option for the surfaces you want us to clean, we’re happy to provide that service, but we’ll do a property assessment prior to any job to ensure we recommend the best choice to clean and protect your home.

If you think it’s time for a house pressure washing service at your St. Louis, Missouri home, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to schedule an in-person estimate with one of our technicians.

At Maverick SoftWash, we offer house pressure washing services for customers in St. Louis, Des Peres, Valley Park, Kirkwood, Fenton, Webster Groves, Creve Coeur, O’Fallon, Wildwood, Ballwin, and Chesterfield, Missouri.