How a SoftWash Brick Cleaning Preserves Your Home's Elegance

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How a SoftWash Brick Cleaning Preserves Your Home's EleganceWhile brick is as durable as it is timeless, it is not immune to dirt and grime accumulation. Like any exterior surface, your home’s brickwork needs effective cleaning to preserve its longevity and elegant style. Soft washing offers a safe and effective alternative to power washing brick surfaces. Here’s how:

  • Soft washing uses a gentle yet powerful cleaning solution for brick cleaning. Unlike power washing, which relies on high-pressure water, soft washing utilizes a powerful cleaning solution to clean deep into your home’s exterior surfaces. While water simply blasts dirt, mold, and algae out of brick, soft washing breaks them down and helps prevent their regrowth.
  • Soft washing is safe on mortar. Power washing can damage mortar and deteriorate brick. Since soft washing uses a cleaning solution and a low-pressure water system, it’s safe for both mortar and brick cleaning.
  • Soft washing offers long-lasting results. Soft washing doesn’t just blast away dirt; it cleans deep into brick’s porous surfaces to eradicate and prevent mold spores and algae growth. This means a softwash treatment can last four to six times longer than power washing.
  • Soft washing is environmentally friendly. Soft washing utilizes a biodegradable cleaning solution that is tough on dirt and grime but gentle for the environment. Soft washing your home preserves the elegance of your entire property for years to come.

Every brick home needs a little routine TLC, and by soft washing your brick, you’ll ensure its beauty and timelessness lasts. Give us a call with any questions you have about our softwash services, and we’ll show you the difference it makes in brick cleaning.